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Nativity plays for KS1 and Foundation Stage children


In Gryphon’s Garden you will find one full Nativity play with Gryphon as a leading character and a synopsis of several others that can be purchased in electronically as a PDF file, a CD or in booklet form from this website.


The intention is that these plays can be easily adapted to suit the circumstances of your school

·       They were written for about 90 five to seven year olds but can be adapted for larger or smaller groups

·       If the language is too wordy, complex or lengthy for your particular children it can soon be simplified to suit their needs. Some phrases might need to be changed to suit your particular locality

·       The music and songs suggested can be exchanged for favorite, known or simply easy to find songs


The plays all have a similar format that could be used to structure an independent drama:

·       The children line up outside the hall and walk in to music, one character group at a time, and sit on mats around or on the stage

·       The audience are introduced to the characters and the story/problem is explained with songs and dances taking the story line forward

·       The story inevitably leads towards the Nativity

·       All gather together on stage for the finale where Away in a Manger is sung, the first verse as a solo or duo and the audience join in with the last two verses

·       One or two groups at a time stand, come forward to the front of the stage, bow together and walk either off to the side or down the steps at the front, turn and walk out of the hall. This is orchestrated by a teacher at the front using hand movements!


This might be teaching your grandmother to suck eggs, but here are a few handy hints:

·       All children should have something to say however small (‘…and me!’). In 20 years of producing plays I have only had one refusal. Indeed I have often received letters from thrilled parents who assumed their shy child would suffer from stage fright where in fact they have blossomed and grown in confidence from the experience

·       To encourage loud voices ensure the children who are speaking stand well away from each other on the stage and see that mouths are not obscured by hands or objects

·       Make sure all children are facing and speaking to their audience and no-one is hidden by another child. At rehearsals a teacher should stand at the back of the hall to encourage children to ‘throw’ their voices

·       Keep costumes away from feet – not too long as it is easy to trip on the way up or down the stage steps

·       In the weeks before the play run a workshop afternoon each week to make / adapt costumes and scenery. Other parents might be happy to do tasks at home. Send costumes home to individual carers in a bag with instructions for washing or mending

·       Parents will appreciate a programme with a cast list and a synopsis of the story so parents can easily follow the story. Hold a competition encouraging children to draw a front page for the programme

·       If you have more than one performance persuade parents to run a crèche as babies and toddlers have a sure tendency to compete with those on stage


In addition to the play®: ‘Stop I want to get off’ I have also included:

·       A suggested planning format for rehearsals times

·       A character list

·       A plan of the stage with positions where characters will stand, kneel or sit for the finale ready to leave the stage


Below you will find a suggested timetable.



Nativity timetable                                                                                                                         04/02/09









Nativity songs practiced


Parent workshop

Thurs pm with TAâ





KS1 Staff meeting

Allocate parts


Read story


Small group practice at storytime®

Christmas carols with pianist


Practice 11.00 - 12.00 (TAs find / sort clothes)

Whole production 9.40 to 10.30 (TAs find/sort clothes)


Practice 1.00-1.30

Small group practice at storytime®




Whole production 9.40? to 10.30 (TAs find/sort clothes)


Practice 1.00-1.30

Small group practice at storytime®


Stage up after school


Practice getting on and off stage 9.40 to 10.30 (TAs find/sort clothes)


Practice 1.00-1.30

Small group practice at storytime®



Practice with pianist 11.00 - 12.00 (TAs find/sort clothes)

Whole play with pianist 9.20


Practice 1.00-1.30

Small group practice at storytime®




Dress rehearsal with pianist 9.20 


Practice in afternoon

Small group practice at storytime®

Nativity play 1.30 / 6.00